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Product description
Product range

Product Description
We offer wide range of button blanks made from number of shell species. Our blanks are processed to specific diameter refer to Product range and can be ground flat into uniform thickness or natural rounds cut from shell. The thickness range will vary within the shell species but in general is available in 1 - 6mm. 
Our line range also depends on the shell type but in general is available between 14L - 46L
We welcome enquiries from small and large button manufacturers. Our delivery capacity will depend on the shell type as well as thickness and quality of the desired blanks.
When making an enquiry we would appreciate if you could give us maximum details and include the shell type, quantity, lines of interest, and desired quality as well as place for delivery.

Product Range
The following is our current list of button blanks, however as we are constantly adding to our range enquiries for any items not listed are welcome. We also welcome enquiries for custom made items.
Paua shell button blanks
White Mother of Pearl button blanks
Fresh water shell button blanks
Trochus shell button blanks
Gold Mother of Pearl button blanks
Black Mother of Pearl button blanks

Paua shell Button Blanks                 14L,  16L, 18L  thickness up to 3mm
Paua Button Blanks

White Mother of Pearl Button Blanks
14L,15L,16L,17L,18L,20L,24L,28L,32L,36L,40L,44L thickness 1 - 6mm
White MOP button blanks

Fresh water Pearl shell Button Blanks
14L, 16L, 18L thickness 1 - 4.5mm
Delifinum shell button blanksl

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