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Solid Shell Nut & Bridge Blanks

Solid shell Nut and Bridge blanks are processed from selected shells. Available in standard size and thickness or custom made to customer specification.

White Mother of Pearl Nut Blanks                            White Mother of Pearl Bridge Blanks
 White MOP nut blanks                   White MOP bridge blanks                                
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Truss rod covers

Truss rod covers

Truss Rod covers are made to customer specification. Materials available include Laminated shell as well as solid shell - selection of these will depend on the available size of solid shell blanks. 
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Fretboard Markers

Fretboard markers are made to specification and include various standard shapes i.e. block, humped block, crown , split block markers, as well as intricate markers  i.e. bird, diamond & others made to customer designs. Please see Pre-Cut Inlays page for some examples.

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